The Solar Anvil Massive C.M.E’s and a UFO Nov 5th 2012


Video Footage courtesy of Nov 5th 2012
I am making the follow up video right now, I don’t know if I am going to narrate it or not but either way it is packed with massive info

THE SOLAR ANVIL Inspired By James C. Horak, Ometa One on Youtube & KSS Kevin Smith Show I captured my first Close-up movie of the Solar Anvil. For source information please visit ‚Solar Anvil‘ A high quality version of this movie can be downloaded from keywords: Solar Anvil, The Solar Anvil, Anvil, Sun Anvil, Best Helioviewer Anvil, STEREO A, SECCHI, COR2, white-light, EMV, Electro magnetic vehicles around the Sun, UFO, Unexplained UFO sighting, EBE, Extra Biological Entities, ET, Extra-Terrestrial.


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