UFOs x 1000’s via Space Station! LEAKED JULY 2012 – Nibiru Related

russian cosmonaut leaked this footage in july 2012
this video is getting taken down like crazy.

the ufos are flying around the earth and moon by the tens of thousands.
i myself have seen 6 of these ufos over los angeles the past couple months.
i am an electronic engineer and i know the difference between satellites, planes, meteorites, comets, stars, etc.

-nibiru is the 12th planet which was discovered in 1983 and shortly after, a media blackout was initiated.
this is the „planet of crossing“ as ancients named or „the red devil“ as some religious lore states.
-it is made up of a lot of red iron oxide and gives off a cloud of debris and a tail of red debris as well.
-it is followed by 7 moons.
-nibiru is 3 times the size of jupiter and will eventually pull the earth towards it when it passes.
-this will shift the N and S poles 90 degrees.
-this happens all the time, every 3600 years, and has been noted all through out history.
-last time it happened, egypt went under water, (the great sphinx shows water level markings) there is no ICE AGE, just a relocation of the poles. this causes areas of extreme warmth to undergo a swift change in climate. this is how many creatures have perished in the past. currently antarctica, alaska, greenland, and siberia are tropical areas under an „ice age“ (pole shifted over them freezing them over)
this explains why desert and jungle creatures and plants have been found in antarctica and alaska etc.
-the new S pole will be off the coast of the amazon, and the new N pole will be over india. once again history repeats itself like clockwork, freezing over those warm climate areas. the new equator will run through alaska, and tropical plants will bloom once more after a handful of years to thaw out.
-during this poleshift, many earth changing events will take place.
„fire and brimstone“ will rain down to the earth from the heavens (this is just a fun way to say: nibiru will pass by earth, pulling it stop rotating for a few days (sun/dark for days) and the red iron oxide debris of dirt, rock, iron, etc (everything in nibirus tail) will get pulled into the earths atmosphere and hit the lands.
the plates will shift a bit as some areas go under water, and others rise up a bit more. tsunamis will form of course, this is just common science.
-nibiru is what all the stories in the bible (christianity), the kolbrin (egyptian), the cylindrical scrolls (sumerians of sumar (irag)), the mayans, and many other cultures have written about as „an apocalyptic event, or, devil coming, etc.
-nibiru passed through our system before and hit the first „earth-type“ planet between jupiter and mars. this impact created the astroid belt. mars was actually a moon of the first earth planet. mars is reffered to as the „planet of war“ because it went through this horrific event of its mother planet being destroyed and getting blasted with the bits and remains of it (thus why one side of mars is destroyed, and the other is fine)
nibiru is the reason our plantet has a tilted axis. (when it passes by it pulls the earth a bit from the gravity.)
-nibiru is hard to track and see because it has a red iron oxide cloud around it that absorbs light instead of reflecting back out, but, its smaller moons can be tracked easier and seen through telescopes and satellites.

the extra terrestrials are trying to communicate with us and watch over us as this event approaches its climax. they are very upset that our governments hide them and this cosmic event from us (as to not cause mass panic and destabilization and remain in control)

they have underground bunkers that are as large as cities under the denver airport and in mount cheyanne in west virginia.
some of the only gauranteed safe zones in america based on plate tectonics, and sea levels from poleshifts flooding, are in the rocky mountain areas including utah, colorado, arizona, new mexico, nevada, and wyoming. the other side of the usa has the appalachian areas like west virgina & pennsylvania


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