BREAKING EVIDENCE! NIBIRU ~ SCIENTIFIC PROOF and, The Death of Honest Astronomers!

For those who blaim this perturbation on camera orientation…forget it…provide me that data that LASCO suddenly went way above the ecliptic or way below the ecliptic.

For those of you who say it’s the inclination of orbit read here…

Jupiters incline is just 1.3 degrees above and below max…this is the distance of about two suns total diameter…(so if jupiter was the same distance as the sun to Earth, its inclination change would only appear to be about two sun diameters providing its a six year interval from peak to trough that we are looking at)…however jupiter is 7.5 x 10(8th) km from the sun plus another 152 million km to the earth so a variation of two sun diameters would barely even show up on these photos at that huge distance in fact it would show up as about 2.6 degrees difference and that is maximum change period…as it is, the perturbations shown here are approx. 3x the diameter of the sun anyway…so if someone argues that this is normal inclination difference of two sun diameters they are implying that jupiter is only 1AU from the Earth in these pictures which it is not, that somehow we captured jupiter at its maximum incline and the max decline, which we did not, and that we are only seeing a variation of two sun diameters which we are not seeing, its more!… If you go back 12 years Jupiter should be on the same plane it was originally…so check it out…go back 12 years from 2012 photo and see where on the ecliptic Jupiter really is. As it is already the first and last photos are roughly 12 years apart….Jupiter should be in the same angle of incline in the year 2000 as it is in 2011 or 2012. But it is nowhere near returning to its original spot now is it. This is proof of perturbation and no one claiming to be an astronomer can debunk it…We posted a picture from 2000 how do you explain any deviation in southern direction whatsoever.One more point…as of today jupiters orbit is from below to above its ecliptic…it is suppose to be actively rising back to it’s orbital plane…well is it rising??Take a protractor and measure the angle from the sun that before and after pictures give you…does it look like 2.6 degrees to you? Not even close.. What makes it even sadder is that those before and after pics are almost one jupiter year apart…if they were six years apart you expect the maximum in decline or incline in orbit depending on the timing….again 2.6 deg.- which further demostrates obvious and decisive change in Jupiter’s orbit…..Its so obvious that I can’t believe people would even argue over it…..get it….Jupiter is currently suppose to be rising up to zero degrees as we speak…it should be rising right now….maximum displacement of orbit should not be more than 2.6 degrees at its maximum at a six year interval, but it is more like 10 degrees which defies explanation….and these images suggest that Jupiter is being perturbed decisively in the southern direction…the remaining issue is that Earth itself has an inclined orbit and that it captures these transits from different point above and below the ecliptic….this is very true and can distort where Jupiter appears in the FOV…to overcome this we simply went back 12 years between photos of transits…the very first picture here showing alignments of several planets puts Earth and Jupiter roughly at the same angles only this time span is 12 years…when comparing photographs from May 2012 and May 2000 you can see that Jupiter is below the orbit that it originally was photographed in 2000, and yes the perturbation appears less than all the other comparisons, but in the end we gave Jupiter an additional time to rise as it should, meaning any southern displacement would even seem more unusual… it is still below its original plane of orbit in spite of us giving it additional time to return to its original plane…and if we theorize planet x, we would expect the sun, the earth, and new clusters of comets to reflect it’s presence….which is exactly what is happening today. So now it is time for our government to save face and let us prepare. Financial collapse is coming anyway….what is our government waiting for, do you powerful guys really want to go here on this? Really…risk revolution and mass defections? Here’s a piece of advice…Never do anything that your Grandchildren would be ashamed of you for


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